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Conceptual Design

At Rapidtack, we begin our design journey with your idea, exploring its potential and putting pen to paper. We engage in brainstorming sessions, outlining the initial sketches that represent your vision. This is our conceptual design phase, where we evaluate key elements such as cost-effectiveness, functionality, and aesthetics. We strive to set a robust foundation for your product’s development.

CAD Design

Our team at Rapidtack believes in precision and detail. We utilize Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to create comprehensive, technical plans for your product. This tool allows us to generate three-dimensional models and two-dimensional diagrams, offering an accurate depiction of your product ready for production. The CAD design phase enriches our ability to visualize, analyze, and simulate your product design.


Generative Design

Incorporating the power of artificial intelligence, our generative design approach pushes the boundaries of conventional design practices. With your defined design objectives and limitations, our innovative software explores countless design permutations, picks out the most effective solutions, and refines them for optimal performance. Through generative design, we achieve optimal weight, strength, and material usage for your product.

Prototype Manufacturing

Bringing digital designs into the physical realm, our prototype manufacturing service offers a tangible representation of your product. At Rapidtack, we harness the power of cutting-edge manufacturing methods such as 3D printing and CNC machining to produce high-fidelity prototypes. These functional prototypes are essential for evaluating and fine-tuning your design, guaranteeing it is ready for the market and will satisfy user needs.

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