March, 2021

Presently, we are experiencing the fourth technical revolution with robots and technologies being produced at a mind-blowing pace. Amidst this, it is interesting to carry out an exegesis into which areas are the most promising, and which technologies are the most impactful upon our lives.
This year before the global COVID pandemic, robotic exhibitions were trending all across the world with an ever-increasing number of participants. The trend of robotics and automation with regards to the stages of production and business processes is a key global trend in technology development.
Robots and machines have already taken over works that previously only humans could perform. So much so that robots are actually doing better than human beings at performing many tasks. These works range from window-cleaning to resource management. However, there is new progress in robotics now that comes across not merely as astonishing innovations, but also as extremely sophisticated advancements in technology. Engineers are now inventing ways of making robots and machines communicate with each through artificial intelligence. This allows two robots to not only communicate, but physically interact and help each other. This is done using the fully operational 5G networks, which has become the new trend in literally no time.
In 2020 5G was not only expanded, but even developed further for stable connectivity and was made available in many countries. In this regard, the ultra-fast speed would allow gadgets, self-driving vehicles and robots to gather and disseminate data better than it has been done ever before.
3D Printing is the next technology that is transforming and influencing business around the world. From printing a mug to a house and even a bionic prosthesis, 3D Printers can do it all. It is also the useful technology that is producing in the bioengineering sector. By the end of the decade, this is surely to go around the length of not only printing individual organs, but a complete human body.
This year the focus is on virtual and augmented reality technology, whose three prolific applications are

  1. Visualization-Assisted Design
  2. Service and Maintenance
  3. Training and Simulation

Another trending application of the advanced robotics is the enhancement of human capabilities through technology . With this, physical capabilities will be expanded through implementation and/or placement of special, augmenting devices on the body. However, the biggest advancement in this technology will be once the cognitive augmentation—that is, the thinking abilities—of man is expanded.
Robots and neural networks are impacting our lives more and more each day. In the coming years, it can be easily predicted, that there would be ample gadgets to improve our lives by machine learning and by fine-tuning to our features.

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